Raashi Khanna Interview [ PART 2 ]

We are really honored to take an interview of one of leading actress Raashi Khanna and following are few questions asked from our side:
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Raashi Khanna Interview

Raashi khanna
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1.Will your preference for author-backed roles mean that you’ll give a miss to the extravagant commercial ventures where you don’t get to prove much ?

As an actress, it’s very important to balance my career graph with reach and also substance. I won’t miss out on a chance to work on films where my character may not necessarily drive a narrative. Commercial films are in fact immensely necessary to make progress as a leading lady. My next film with Sundeep Kishan, a slapstick comedy titled Joru is an attempt at that. I can comfortably leave my brain behind and perform my part. Although I never seriously considered myself as a comic actor, I don’t mind giving it a shot. You never know your strengths until you explore.


2. In spite of Shaurya and Srinivas Avasarala ravishing high praises about your command over the language within little time, you didn’t get a chance to dub for yourself. Is there an element of disappointment ?

I was initially behind my director to dub for my parts but he was clear I shouldn’t take a gamble. I agree I was mildly disappointed but I later understood the true reason behind his statement. I knew it myself that I haven’t pronounced certain words as well as I would have liked to. Going about it that way  would literally mean dishonoring a language. I only want to start voicing for myself when I am completely sure. I need some time to get there.

10. You had certain issues on the traits associated with the character and connecting with it personally. How did you work on that ?

The role Prabha is diametrically opposite to what I am in my real life.See, she’s stubborn, arrogant and egoistic. At the same point, you need to make her feel lovable. I lost the plot in a few situations where I didn’t know why was she behaving the way I didn’t expect her to. It took some time for me to empathize with her part after Srinivas wanted me to understand her environs and the grooming more. I got to know her better as the making progressed.

11. How significant are songs to a movie and specifically in your case, Oohalu Gusagusalade ?

I am not very exposed to Telugu cinema to give a take on this but I can assure you that the songs in OGG are truly situational. They fit into the narrative seamlessly. In the small number of films I have seen like Athadu, Manam and Magadheera, the makers were smart enough to not make the song placements seem forced. I may have to watch more movies to understand the norms here and give a better answer.

12. How was Naga Shaurya as a co-actor ?

It was great fun working with him. We both had a lot of comic situations where I had these humorous outbursts on the set. He was the one to bring me back to normalcy and prompt in case I forget my lines. As they say acting is reciprocal and synonymous to reaction and coordination, he was very instrumental in pushing the limits with regard to my performance. Sundeep, Shaurya and I are in relatively similar phases as actors and as a result, I continue to share a good equation with them. There’s raw energy in the atmosphere that makes you give your best.

13. Did the balance between keeping work and personal life separate go for a toss ?

Regardless of fame or any other turns in my life, I will continue to be there for my friends and family. I make it a point to stay in touch with them no matter what. I will make time for them when they need me. I am a conventional nerd who keeps things to my closet and not venture out much to luxurious outings or parties. I read a lot of books and I was in fact labelled shy by my director when I had arrived on the sets. I have and I am aware of the thin line that separates personal life from my work.
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