Kurbaan Movie Review – What We Missed in The Movie?

Wonder why Kurbaan is getting so much hype and good reviews! Is it because Karan Johar has managed to generate enough curiosity courtesy Kareena’s backless show, “Mumbai-Bombay” controversy, Saif-Kareena’s real/reel romance (read bedroom scene) or simply because KJo has spent hell lot of money for the paid reviews? Whatever be the reason, the thing is that movie … Read moreKurbaan Movie Review – What We Missed in The Movie?

Aamir Khan Ghajini Pictures [Hair Style+Suits]

****Pictures Adding Soon*** Whoa, is it Drona effect or what? Nobody seems to be writing nothing. I know that was an earth shattering disappointment but guys take a chill pill. We have had such failures in the past and let’s face it – we’ll keep having them in future too. Look at the brighter side. … Read moreAamir Khan Ghajini Pictures [Hair Style+Suits]

Good Boy Bad Boy Movie Review [2019]

After being demolished at the box office with its movie Khanna and Iyer, Mukta Arts brings us another painfully engaging film. Painful being the operative word, this film has no logical explanation for its script nor screenplay. It lingers on timelessly without actually making an impact or delivering a message. Despite a decently talented cast … Read moreGood Boy Bad Boy Movie Review [2019]

Namastey London Bollywood Movie Review [2019]

One could say that Namastey London is a reincarnation of 1970’s movie by Manoj Kumar “Purab and Paschim” and that is because of similarities that can be conceived from both of these movies. But Vipul Shah completely denied any inspiration for his movie with the story of Purab and Paschim. Nonetheless, it is evident that … Read moreNamastey London Bollywood Movie Review [2019]