Namastey London Bollywood Movie Review [2019]

One could say that Namastey London is a reincarnation of the 1970’s movie by Manoj Kumar “Purab and Paschim” and that is because of similarities that can be conceived from both of these movies. But Vipul Shah completely denied any inspiration for his movie with the story of Purab and Paschim. Nonetheless, it is evident that Namastey London is just as good as Purab and Paschim and even after sharing a lot of similar themes, it stands out as a pure individual piece of art.

The movie features an ensemble cast of Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif in the lead along with Rishi Kapoor, Nina Wadia, Clive Standen, Upon Patel, Javed Shaikh in a supporting role and Ritesh Deshmukh with a  little cameo. The film follows the story of Manmohan Malhotra (Rishi Kapoor) who is an Indian born and settles in England along with her wife Bebo (Nina Wadia). While in England their daughter Jasmeet (Katrina Kaif) is born.

Manmohan suffers from complexity and doesn’t want to give an inferior impression to his British friends so he always keeps his wife Bebo away whenever he is out with his friends because Bebo doesn’t speak English. In order for her daughter to not end up in the same fate as her, she provides top-quality education to Jasmeet and makes her socialize with British friends.

The film takes a turn when Manhoman marries Jasmeet with an Indian guy named Arjun Singh (Akshay Kumar) in the hope of getting an Indian son-in-law but Jasmeet completely denies her marriage with Arjun upon returning to England and instead proposes to everyone that she will be marrying a British guy named Charles Brown. What follows next is how Arjun deals with the racial and apologetic situations he faces and how he earns heart and respect for Jasmeet with his witty and mature responses.

The movie deals with multiple themes. One is being the ignorance of western people towards India and how Stereotyping still haunts Indians living in western countries. It also loosely shows how people living abroad suffer from racial outrage on the basis of religion.

While it may have sparked some controversy in the western world, it was widely praised in India for its accuracy. The film also to some extent depicts the change in behavior of originally Indian born people completely looking down on their roots once settling in other countries. While it may not be true in most cases but a lot of commentaries were going about this topic upon the release of the movie.

We could say that Namastey London is a good popcorn flick that is re-watchable. It is witty, humorous and deals with different problems very neatly. Akshay Kumar’s performance, in particular, was outstanding as he showed another hidden card in his deck in this movie.

There was a particular seen in a movie where Akshay Kumar lectures Brown’s family about the greatness of India after getting racially abused which was one of the highlights of the movie. The cinematography was done quite well along with a good direction. Overall the movie is likable by every age group and can be watched multiple times.


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