Movie Review: Michael Jackson’s This Is It

I never thought a celebrity’s death could affect me so much, but when the King of Pop Michael Jackson died, I was in a shock for a week. It’s still hard to believe that he’s gone and partly because MJ was one of those icons that people (or at least me) thought was never going to die.

In a way he didn’t, all of what he stood for is still alive and that’s exactly what the documentary, This is it, is all about.

Made from the footage shot during the rehearsals of his upcoming This Is It tour, the movie showcases the man’s greatness, his influence, and command on every aspect of entertaining – music, singing, dancing and showmanship. Basically reminding us of everything that people forgot about him in the last decade.

The movie starts with, a group of talented young dancers who auditioned to be part of the Michael Jackson tour, describing their experience and what it means for them.

Some of them get teary-eyed when they say how this opportunity has given them a newfound purpose in life and how great of an opportunity it is for them to be part of MJ’s legacy. While I was watching this, I can’t help but think, where were all these videos and these people when the rest of the world (including me) had closed the chapter on MJ as a tabloid freak.

If only it had been about music and not about his plastic surgeries, lawsuits, and all the other drama, maybe all this wouldn’t have ended so suddenly. And then the music started, those familiar beats that spanned generations and continents, and all was forgotten. I immersed myself in this one last helping of my childhood pop icon because this was it!

Behind the Scenes

MJ review THIS-IS-IT-Rehearsal

The documentary showcases all the behind the scenes work that went into every number, the dance steps, the music, the videos, the stage, etc. It also focuses on certain key individuals that were instrumental in putting this concert together.

They talk about their association with MJ and how much it has meant for them to be working with him be it over the years or only at this concert. But most importantly the documentary brings out facets of MJ’s personality that most people assumed existed but never really saw.

For example, Michael as a motivator when he playfully encourages his fellow performers after pointing out their mistakes, Michael as a perfectionist who wants every note to be right and Michael as a human being when he gets excited about a brilliantly done, Thriller video.

I think the director probably wanted to make a “happy” documentary and edited out stuff that would make Michael look unhealthy and weak.

He seemed very happy and healthy, unlike what the news said about his condition before his death.

Another thing that I thought the movie lacked in was some of the backstories on his classic numbers. It would have been nice to show a then and now piece on some of the major songs and would’ve made it more nostalgic. Other than that I loved the movie and I’m glad I got to watch it.

This is a limited engagement so if you’ve ever rocked to MJ’s songs, go out and see it, this will change your opinion about the most important musical icon of our generation, if his death already hasn’t.

I hope you guys enjoyed my review on one of epic works from our beloved MJ!

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