Good Boy Bad Boy Movie Review [2019]

After being demolished at the box office with its movie Khanna and Iyer, Mukta Arts brings us another painfully engaging film. Painful being the operative word, this film has no logical explanation for its script nor screenplay. It lingers on timelessly without actually making an impact or delivering a message.

Despite a decently talented cast and crew, they are left helplessly groping at senseless dialogues and loose screenplay to work with throughout the length of the film. The sad part about this is that it is the same director who delivered a masterpiece like Dhoop, Ashwini Chaudhary.

Story Line Of Good Boy Bad Boy Movie

The story revolves around two college students – one a simpleton and the other a prankster. The only thing that stands out in uneasy comedy is the double entendre and crass punning. Content is slack is overcompensated by unnecessary and classless comedy – if you dare to call it that.

The actors like Paresh Rawal (Principal Awasthi) look to be doing their best to hold together an otherwise failing script. Tushar Kapoor (Rajan Malhotra) and Emraan Hashmi (Raju Malhotra) seem dull and are a wasted talent. Isha Sharvani(Rashmi) and Tanushree Dutta (Dinki) are best not mentioned at all.

The tale is about two characters – Raju and Rajan. Raju, who is a brat and does everything except studying while Rajan is an academic nerd who wants to surge to the pinnacle of life by becoming an IAS officer.

Raju’s father, persistent that his son mends his ways and Rajan’s, on the other hand, feels that his son should live his youth a little. Principal Awasthi is shown as an old schooler who hates mobile phones, awkward dressing, and believes in competition to excel. He organizes his students in three categories as Brilliant, Average, and Poor. As fate would have it, the peon who makes the ID cards for the students interchanges Raju’s and Rajan’s photos.

They suddenly find themselves in the wrong company, similar to our thoughts while watching this movie. The blunder starts a massive tragedy of errors, which leads us to endure the second half of the film. The whole ordeal comes to a happy ending. The two leading ladies Rashmi and Dinki, have nothing much to do. What they deliver finally is like a poorly enacted amateur acting class with no depth or diction.

Aside from the plot, there are many technical aspects of the film that don’t hold ground like the cinematography, gaudy costumes, terrible music, and incredibly cheesy and silly dialogues. For a movie riddled with so many problems, even the look of the lead actresses is shabby and downtrodden.

Emraan Hashmi fans will be disappointed with the outcome on this one as we see none of his typical traits as a romantic lover nor as a staggering artist. All in all, Good Boy Bad Boy fails to impress and is mangled mess to sit and endure. Nil on content, nil on the story, nil on music and hence nil on star rating as well.


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