Bhoothnath Movie Review

Debutant director Vivek Sharma smashes this one out of the park when it comes to extracting insanely good performance from a child. Sharma is a great storyteller and has an immense grip on the storyline, keeping it tight. Bhootnath is a movie that is not targeted only at kids but delivers a compelling and powerful message for the adults too. The rhythm of the first and second half of the movie is entirely different. The first part enthralls and entertains you by bringing back your childhood, whereas the second half tugs at the strings of the heart in a sensitive manner.

Bhootnath is concentrated mainly on two characters. Banku (Aman Siddiqui) and the Bhootnath himself (Amitabh Bachchan). The movie once again proves the legendary actor can do absolutely everything. The way he amalgamates into the child’s life and psyche is endearing to watch, and the two make a lethal combo for bringing together a great movie.

About Bhoothnath

The movie starts with Banku moving into Nath villa with his parents. Father being away, he settles into his routine with his mother and soon discovers a friendly yet angry ghost in the house. Post naming him Bhootnath, he portrays a child-like curiosity to get to know him better instead of fear toward the old ghost.

The ghost tries every possible trick to get Banku and his parents to leave the house by scaring them away. Banku’s affection and innocence melt Bhootnath’s angry exterior, and they become friends. It is shown that years ago, Bhootnath and his wife resided there. Post his wife’s death; his son comes back home only with an intent to sell the property to which Bhootnath refuses.

Following a fight, the son leaves, and while chasing after him, Bhootnath trips falls and dies while his son pulls away and leaves. Ever since then, he has been around to protect the house from anyone who ever tried to live in it. Banku and his parents join hands and piously complete Bhootnath’s last rites. His son returns from the US (Priyanshu) and attends the ceremony and apologizes before the ghost as he leaves the world finally.

In the end, Bhootnath returns only to be Banku’s companion for life, since Banku misses him.

Bhootnath is a film with a heart. It pulls you in and out of adulthood with such finesse yet delivering a message for children with old parents. The screenplay is superb and keeps the audience interested. The song that hits the right tunes is Mere buddy, which features Bhootnath and Banku.

Performances are flawless by the legendary star and child Aman Siddiqui. Amitabh Bachchan is a treat to watch, and his eyes speak a million words while interacting with the child in various scenes. Aman is not far behind with spot-on dialogue delivery, expressions, and laughter. Juhi Chawla and Shahrukh Khan do well in their small roles and manage to make an impact.

Overall, Bhootnath has fun, dance, drama, and rules in terms of its content, making it a worthy watch.

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