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This page should be called About You because this site is about you the user. We wanted to create a place where it was fun to discuss and discover what was going on in entertainment. The range of topics covered here are not limited by regions, languages or periods. They are only limited by your likes and dislikes. When we started the site it was just two of us and we wrote about what we liked. We reviewed and talked about the movies we watched, the music we heard and the news we enjoyed. But now this site has grown and we have many of you contributing to it and this has broadened the site’s offerings. We want to continue to grow and at the same time make it as free as possible.

We’re constantly working to enable every one of you who visits to contribute to the site and share your knowledge and passions with others. You can do that in many ways, by registering and contributing to the content on the site in the form of reviews, videos, news or previews. You can also send us an email if you want us to review a movie, write about an actor or if you would like a new feature or if you think something is not working right.

We are a bunch of movie buffs who want to share our love of movies with others and in the process build a community of many, many more like-minded individuals… Are you IN?

Alternatives to MovieWalah

As already mentioned, there is enough number of websites that provide a similar type of content and those are listed below:

  1. Bollywood Hungama

Bollywood Hungama is one of the most popular websites for finding information related to latest Bollywood and Tollywood movies. You can find all kinds of content on this website, from the reviews, interviews to news about celebrities. The website also enlists the upcoming movies and prediction of their performance at the box office. Their predictions are derived from experts and are trustworthy.

Apart from the reviews of movies, this website also contains music reviews where music and lyrics are reviewed by experts. Usually, music is taken from famous songs that became hits on their arrival and are the talk of the town. Just like movie reviews, music reviews also have a layer of depth to them. Box office collections of movies on both national and international stages are updated on a daily basis so you can never miss out on the performance of your favourite movie in the market.

There is also a special section within the website where trending topics are enlisted. It is sort of like a power ranking which tells that what celebrity was the talk of the town this week or what movie was all over the internet. This gives a clear idea of who’s been popular these days.

Apart from all these, you can also find celebrity wallpapers, movie wallpapers and celebrity photos from the latest movies.


  1. FilmFare

Named after one of the well-reputed award shows, Filmfare.com is a paradise for cinephiles. The website contains almost everything that an Indian movie enthusiast desires. Now you will find that most of the websites that provide reviews on movies are only limited to Indian movies but Filmfare.com not only provides reviews of national movies but it also covers movies from Hollywood. The information regarding movies that have made their mark worldwide can be easily found on this website.

Just like Bollywood Hungama, there are different sections within the website dedicated to different stuff. There is a trending section where you can find out what’s hot in the movie industry, there is a news section where you can know what’s going on with your favourite celebrities, and there are photos and reviews section, interviews section as well as videos section. Furthermore, you will come across a section called features in this where you will find some articles dedicated to a certain celebrity or a movie.

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