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Whoa, is it Drona effect or what? Nobody seems to be writing nothing. I know that was an earth shattering disappointment but guys take a chill pill. We have had such failures in the past and let’s face it – we’ll keep having them in future too. Look at the brighter side. AB Baby has only one way to go from here – UP! Anyway, I am not gonna talk about the past here. Ghajini is around the corner and you can have a look at its just released trailer here. Enjoy this one for now. I’ll be back with more. Btw did you notice Aamir’s 8-pack abs? Impressive, huh!!! And the guy with no short term memory asks you to remember Dec 25!!!

Open letter to Aamir Khan – Do not remake Ghajini!


Aamir, I have always awaited eagerly for all your movies and most of them turn out to be special. So, it’s not without no reason that I can hardly wait for your Ghajini remake so much so that I watched the original Ghajini a few days back. The movie started off great and in every scene I would imagine how perfect you would be in the lead role of a man suffering from short-term memory loss. No doubt Surya Sivakumar did a wonderful job but at the same time I have little doubt that you would outdo him. However, as the movie progressed my thoughts changed. Not only Ghajini turned out to be a very bad Indianized version of Memento, it got so predictable and boring that I just wanted the movie to get over. And now I fear if you are making a mistake by remaking it.

Ghajini went overboard after an interesting opening. It fell into the same trap of presenting everything in a single movie. The bad part is that this “everything” was full of absurdities. To begin with, how on earth no one recognized a big shot of the biggest cellular company? That’s like saying if Anil Ambani fails to form new memories due to some accident, God forbidding, people will stop recognizing him any further. That’s beyond logic. On top of that, the movie stretched far too long with twin villains, exaggerated action sequences, mundane song-n-dance, prostitution racket and the melodramatic revenge drama.

It would be a sin even to compare it with Memento. Ghajini lacks all the good qualities of the original especially the non-linear narration with black and white portion moving forward, color scenes backward and the convergence of the two timelines. Memento had my adrenaline pumping throughout with its mystery – most of all the major twist towards the climax, which I could understand only after repeated viewing. That was a masterstroke.

The love story in Ghajini was a cute one. The issue is that it might have worked in Tamil, but it has been witnessed umpteen number of times in Hindi movies starting with Manoj Kumar’s Sajan, leaving me quite skeptical.

With an intelligent head on your shoulders, you would have done better by keeping yourself away from the brilliant Memento and the disastrous Ghajini. But I hear you are already into it. Having said that, I sincerely hope you work better on the script, make it more convincing and do not make the same mistakes of Ghajini. One good thing is that you have cast the same girl – Asin. She was just perfect!

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